18 - 21 April, 2019
Thursday , July 18 , 2019
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In detail


Arrival of the teams during the day

You must go to the specified meeting point.
You will be given the tournament literature.

Age check at the tournament offices

This is when the players’ ages are checked so it is important not to forget each player’s identification document.

Registration for the different types of accommodation

You will also be given vouchers to access your chosen accommodation. It is very important that you do not go directly to your accommodation since you will not be given the keys to the rooms unless you have the vouchers.



Matches all day

We get the ball rolling. Football - the common denominator between teams of many different nationalities, races and cultures - makes its appearance. Organisation officials are at hand on every pitch to ensure all the help you need.

Official team photos

Photos are taken 15 minutes before your first match.



Matches all day

In the morning, the last day of the grouping of qualifying, in which it will be decided in which eliminatory round each team plays according to their classification in the group. All results and classifications are available in real time on the tournament website and via mobile phone.

Football festival / Coaches` match

This is an farewell to the teams until next year. A combination of music and dance, a souvenir exchange area (T-shirts, hats, pins, etc.), Mechanical attractions, shows, contests, sweepstakes, etc. It is the ideal place to spend with old friends and say goodbye to new ones.



Finals Day

The teams parade along behind their respective flags, the line-ups are read out and at the end of the match the champions and runners-up both proudly hold their trophies aloft.

The teams return home

The tournament has come to an end. The teams get ready to go home until we meet again at another tournament.